Refer Your Patient for a Sleep Study

Support for you, your staff, and your patients

We provide referral assistance Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are happy to answer questions from you or your patients about scheduling an appointment. We provide a single point-of-contact, toll-free, help line for patient and scheduling inquiries. 1-800-75-EMORY (404-778-7777)

Scheduling sleep testing

Emory Sleep Center offers testing seven days per week. Please download and complete the Request for Services form and fax it back to us, along with any additional H&P information not included on the form: FAX: 404-712-8145   

Please inform us of any special needs, risks, or service requirements. This is extremely important to ensure  proper preparation and the safety and comfort of your patient.

Some payors will require additional or specific  justification of medical necessity for sleep testing. If additional referral information is required, or  your patient's insurance requires precertification, we will notify you and request completion of the Medical Necessity Form specific for the payor. View typical supporting indications for performing a sleep study (note: specific requirements may vary by payor).

CPAP ExpressCare℠

When you refer patients for sleep studies at Emory Sleep Center, be sure to enroll them in CPAP ExpressCare℠. Your patients will benefit from the clinical expertise and support necessary to optimize compliance with CPAP treatment. Learn more about how CPAPExpressCare℠ can assist you in managing your patient.