After an ACL injury it is very important to start exercising as soon as possible. This is helps retain your muscle strength around the ACL, range of motion and control swelling. These functions are vital to prepare an injured athlete for ACL surgery. These exercises can begin immediately after an ACL injury.

After prehabilitation, the knee will feel and look normal. However, IT IS NOT! DO NOT run, cut, jump, land, return to ANY sports that will involve any changing of direction. If one does, the knee will go out and will likely sustain further serious injury.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Swimming: flutter kick only

(10-60 minutes, 3 times per week)

You can swim, only front crawl stroke and only flutter kicking. If you are not a good swimmer you can hold or use a kickboard and just kick. Great cardiovascular exercise and can help with knee range of motion.


No breaststroke or whip kick: this could increase injury to ACL deficient knee. You can start with holding on to side of pool with arms extended and work on kicking only.