After an ACL injury it is very important to start exercising as soon as possible. This is helps retain your muscle strength around the ACL, range of motion and control swelling. These functions are vital to prepare an injured athlete for ACL surgery. These exercises can begin immediately after an ACL injury.

After prehabilitation, the knee will feel and look normal. However, IT IS NOT! DO NOT run, cut, jump, land, return to ANY sports that will involve any changing of direction. If one does, the knee will go out and will likely sustain further serious injury.

Retain Muscle Size and Strength

Leg Curls

(3 sets of 10 reps, every other day)

You can use the leg curl machine at the gym, either sitting or lying leg curl machine, or at home sitting in chair using resistance bands. With resistance bands, attach one side of the bands in front of you (in door jam) attach the other side of the band to your ankle. While sitting in chair, start with your leg straight and bend your knee back, heel towards your butt using the band for resistance.


When doing your leg curls, at the end range of motion squeeze your hamstrings and butt for a split second.