These exercises will guide you from 3 months until 8 months post surgery. It is vital to faithfully adhere to the following program to avoid re-injury to the ACL reconstruction. Having a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer to help guide you through this program is often helpful.

Months 3-4: Jogging Phase

Throughout months 3 through 4 you will work on functional strengthening with moving forwards and backwards, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and starting a jogging progression, core strengthening and overall lower extremity flexibility.


Cardiovascular Training

3-4 times a week

• Treadmill walking 7-12 percent incline, progress to jogging in straight line
• Stationary cycling
• Elliptical
• 1-2 times per week Long Slow Cardio 45 minutes
• Begin jogging progression


Lower extremity strength should all be done on same day and make sure you get 48 hours rest between strength exercises. Cardiovascular exercises should be done 3-5 times per week.