These exercises will guide you from 3 months until 8 months post surgery. It is vital to faithfully adhere to the following program to avoid re-injury to the ACL reconstruction. Having a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer to help guide you through this program is often helpful.

Months 3-4: Jogging Phase

Throughout months 3 through 4 you will work on functional strengthening with moving forwards and backwards, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and starting a jogging progression, core strengthening and overall lower extremity flexibility.


Single Leg Sport Cord

(3 sets of 1-2-3 minutes)

Stand on sport cord so cord is tight and handle is just above knee (2 inches). Pull handle up to waist and lock thumb in shorts. Do a lunge and drop back knee to ground and slowly bend front knee to about 70 degrees. One second down, one second up, keep back straight, and never fully extend knee. Work to fatigue goal is 3 sets of 3 minutes each.


If it is too difficult to start with cord just start with body weight and doing consecutive lunges until muscles are fatigued.