These exercises will guide you from 3 months until 8 months post surgery. It is vital to faithfully adhere to the following program to avoid re-injury to the ACL reconstruction. Having a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer to help guide you through this program is often helpful.

Months 4-5: Agility Phase


Single Leg Sport Cord

(3 sets of 1-2-3 minutes)

Same exercise but continue to advance your time to fatigue. If you were resting on your back foot toe, you can advance by resting your back foot on a chair or bench for balance. One second down, one second up, keep back straight, and never fully extend knee. Work to fatigue goal is 3 sets of 3 minutes each.


Use the back toe for balance, you can advance with lifting toe off ground when standing and just using a "toe tap" for balance.