Beacon Award for Nursing Excellence™

The Beacon Award for Excellence is a prestigious honor given by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) for “adult critical care, adult progressive care and pediatric critical care units that achieve high quality outcomes.” Out of the 6,000+ intensive care units in the US, less than 300 of these units have received the Beacon Award and only six Beacon Awards have been bestowed to programs within the state of Georgia.

Emory Healthcare has been honored with the receipt of three of the six Beacon Awards given to hospital and health care programs in Georgia:

Beacon Award - Emory University Hospital, Cardiac Critical Care Unit (3G/4G)

The 3G/4G unit specializes in the treatment of heart-related patient care, including heart attacks, heart failure, difficult arrhythmias, and advanced interventional procedures, but it is also the unit that takes care of any other patient within the hospital requiring a bed. As a result, the nurses of Emory University Hospital's Cardiac Critical Care Unit have developed a reputation for specializing in care for any situation.

Beacon Award - Emory University Hospital, 4A5A Cardiovascular-Thoracic Critical Care Unit

4A5A is the first cardiovascular unit in Georgia to receive the prestigious Beacon Award. Beacon Award units, which represent the nation's top critical care units, set the standard for excellent critical care and help benchmark health care systems, outcomes and environments - all increasingly linked to patient safety initiatives. And if one thing is apparent on this unit, patient safety is always top of mind.

Beacon Award - Emory University Hospital Midtown, 71 Medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The team of 67 registered nurses, nurse technicians and unit clerks in the 71 Medical ICU at Emory University Hospital Midotwn focus on keeping infection rates low for better quality of care for patients. Lower infection rates mean less complications and shorter stays in the hospital for these patients.