Age and BMI Requirements for Bariatric Surgery

In general, the higher an adult's age, especially above 60 years, the higher the risk of complications or unfavorable outcomes from bariatric surgery. Although age is not the sole criterion for a decision or recommendation for elective bariatric surgery, it is one of many potential risk factors that will be considered when assessing an individual's risks and benefits of a surgical approach to obesity treatment. If it is deemed by the surgeon and our medical bariatrician that bariatric surgery is not in your best interests, we can offer alternative non-surgical treatment options.

For all individuals age 60 and older:

In order to be considered for a surgical evaluation, you are required to submit a detailed letter from your treating physician(s) that includes past surgical and medical history, psychological illnesses/diagnoses, co-morbidities, DOB, height, weight and BMI. The physician(s) writing this letter on your behalf must be able to provide a recommendation stating that he/she believes you are a potential candidate for bariatric surgery based on his/her assessment. This letter should not be older than 60 days.

For individuals with a BMI above 60:

Individuals with a BMI above 60 will not be evaluated by an Emory Bariatric Center surgeon. However, we do offer a comprehensive medical bariatric program designed to help overweight and obese individuals lose weight without undergoing surgery. We strongly encourage you to consider this approach. Once your BMI is at or below 60, one of our surgeons will see you for a first consult, provided you submit the information required (see below).

Patients under the age of 60 with a BMI of 60 or below:

Patients under the age of 60 with a BMI of 60 or below may move forward with scheduling an appointment. Prior to scheduling an appointment, we ask patients to provide a  letter from a licensed medical professional (MA, LPN, RN, PA, NP, MD) that states date of birth, height, weight, and BMI as well the practice/facility name and contact number of the medical professional who signs the form. This letter must be less than 60 days old at the time your first appointment is scheduled at the Center. Our schedulers are unable to schedule your first appointment unless this documentation is submitted and scanned into your file.

NOTE: If you do not have documentation of your current height, weight, and BMI, you may contact us at (404) 778-7777 to find out when our nursing staff will be available to document this information for you during "open clinic hours." There is no charge for this service. We will ask you for a driver's license at the time you arrive so that we can also document your date of birth.

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