Weight Loss - Surgical & Non-Surgical Options

We have seen many people transform their health and their lives through the Emory Bariatric Center. When people lose weight and maintain the weight loss, they often benefit from significant improvements in some or all of the following:

• Blood pressure
• Type 2 diabetes management
• Sleep apnea and sleep quality
• Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
• Joint pain and arthritis

• Depression and anxiety
• Activity level
• Cholesterol/lipid profile
• Wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence

Our multidisciplinary team includes four bariatric surgeons, one medical bariatrician, two dietitians, and consulting psychologists. The strength of our weight loss program lies in the individualized approach and ongoing support including medical monitoring, wellness coaching, nutrition counseling, and support group meetings.

Surgical Weight Loss

Gastric Banding - placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper stomach to reduce stomach size.
Gastric Bypass - reducing the stomach’s capacity and redirecting the passage of food through the small intestine to limit calorie absorption.
Sleeve Gastrectomy - permanently reducing the size of the stomach.

*Please note: Before becoming eligible to be a candidate for bariatric surgery, you must complete the online bariatric surgery seminar.

Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss

Emory Bariatric Center offers two comprehensive, nonsurgical weight management programs. Each of these programs is lead by an expert team of physicians, dietitians, nurses, and psychologists. Our nonsurgical programs are designed to meet the needs of the individual participants and provide the tools needed for lifelong healthy weight management.

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