"It was the best decision I ever made. My care here was the best I could have had, and I loved that…as much as you can love being treated for cancer, of course!"
— Mary Brookhart

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Breast CT Scan May Aid Diagnosis, Treatment

Emory is one of just three facilities in the country that is testing CT technology as a way to get more accurate 3D images of the breast.

Taking a Closer Look at Cancer

See how a new screening technology being pioneered at Emory was able to detect a woman's breast cancer after a traditional digital mammogram missed it.

More Than Conquerors

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a life-changing event. But as these six Emory Breast Center patients can attest, some of those changes can be positive. Read these women's stories of surviving breast cancer.

For more information on how some people have made the transition from patient to survivor please read Mary Brookhart's testimonial.