"It was the best decision I ever made. My care here was the best I could have had, and I loved that…as much as you can love being treated for cancer, of course!"
— Mary Brookhart

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Our Multidisciplinary Team

At the Emory Glenn Family Breast Center, our multidisciplinary team consist of Breast Radiology (Imaging), Surgical Oncology, Reconstructive Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Gynecologic Oncology, Genetics and Supportive services for our patients. Our intake coordination team will be happy to assist you with easy access to our breast center.

Intake Coordination Team
Mary Brookhart

Mary F. Brookhart
Supervisor of Business Operations

Breast Imaging

Rebecca Seidel, MD

Maria Piraner, MD

Anna Holbrook, MD

Lionel Vasquez, MD  

Robin Tarpley, RN BHS

Deanna Green, RN BSN

Gynecologic Oncology
Medical Oncology
Kandra Horne, NP

Kandra Horne, NP

Elisabeth Smith, RN

Elisabeth Smith, RN

Laronna S. Colbert, MD

La-Urshalar Brock, NP
Kathryn A. Wrammert, NP
Elizabeth McNeill, NP
Joanne L. Walters-Frederick, RN

Nurse Navigator
Heather Pinkerton, RN, BSN, OCN

Heather Pinkerton, RN
Nurse Navigator

Radiation Oncology

Theresa Foster, RN

Denise Josephs, RN

Surgical Oncology

Nancy Findley, RN

Nancy P. Reynics, NP

Shakirah Johnsonl, RN

Nancy Vandiver, RN

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Nancy Vandiver, RN

Shakirah Johnson, RN

Social Support
Jim Hankins, MSW, LCSW

Jim Hankins, MSW, LCSW


Rebecca Sizemore, LCSW

Margaret (Maggie) Hughes, LCSW
Physical Therapy/Lymphedema Therapy
Stephanie Kirkpatrick, MPT, CDT

Stephanie Kirkpatrick, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Registered Dietician
Tiffany Barrett, MS

Tiffany Barrett, MS

Genetic Counseling

Amanda Eppolito, MS, CGC   
Christine Stanislaw, MS, CGC

Chaplain/Spiritual Support
Pamela Randall, MDiv

Pamela Randall, MDiv

Research/Clinical Trials


Ashley Green

Regina Mosley

Radiance Boutique
Elizabeth Goodman, CFM

Elizabeth Goodman, CFM

Survivorship Program Director

Joan Giblin, NP