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At Winship at Emory, we understand that life after a cancer diagnosis can be anything but ordinary. We believe in care that heals the whole person, both body and mind. This same holistic approach to care translates throughout our organization as we all work together to meet the unique needs of each patient and family. Collaboration at the bedside means we must also be collaborative in the social media world, which is why our teams works hard to provide two-way communication channels to better connect with our Georgia community and beyond.

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Chat With Our Cancer Experts

Emory Healthcare regularly offers live web chats hosted by Emory doctors & care team members. Chats topics and physicians involved vary, so make sure to check out the latest schedule. You can also submit a topic idea you’d like us to cover! Upcoming chats>>


Winship at Emory offers a variety of events, support groups and seminars. While some events are free and open to the public, others require RSVP and payment to attend. Make sure to check out our list of upcoming events here! Learn More >>