The Division of Hematology at Winship at Emory offers comprehensive care for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood diseases, both non-cancerous and cancerous. These conditions include lymphomas, which are cancers of the lymphatic system, and leukemias, which are cancers that usually affect the white blood cells.

Our comprehensive team of hematologic experts includes physicians and nursing staff, as well as other support staff members including nutritionists, social workers, genetic counselors, psychiatrists, etc. All members of a patient’s care team work together to develop an individualized treatment plan based on the needs of the patient and his or her family.

Below is a list of conditions and blood disorders that our hematology oncologists treat, but are not limited to:

  • Anemias
  • Clotting disorders, such as hypercoagulability
  • Myeloma, a malignancy of plasma cells
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphomas
  • Myelodysplasia, blood disorders that originate in the bone marrow
  • Myeloproliferative disorders, which create an overproduction of blood cells
  • Sickle cell disease

Our oncology specialists are an integral part of research and clinical trials, which have lead to innovative advances for the treatment of leukemia and other blood disorders, including bone marrow transplantation. Click here for current clinical studies for hematologic cancers.