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The Emory Coordinated Care Center offers a platform of pro-active, integrated health care that redefines the way in which senior health care is delivered.

By taking a team approach, and by giving you access to providers at the very forefront of medical knowledge and research, your entire Emory Coordinated Care Center team will understand your individual care needs.

All staff at our Emory Coordinated Care Center are specially trained in areas that most deeply effect senior health care. We understand the right combination of care and special programs can keep you at your best.

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Emory Coordinated Care Center offer specialized programs like:

  • Healthy Start — A comprehensive medical evaluation performed by a specially trained nurse practitioner or physician who will give you recommendations and choices for treatment and follow up care.
  • Diabetes Management Program — provides education and information for controlling blood sugar, including medication and nutritional counseling.
  • High Blood Pressure Care Program — If your blood pressure is not well controlled, our staff with follow you closely, with frequent clinic visits and/or telephone calls until we have you on the right combination of medications, in addition to lifestyle counseling and changes, that is right for you.
  • Anticoagulation Therapy Program — If you take blood thinner medicine, we will monitor the level in your blood. You will learn how to manage your medicines and be informed about their side effects.
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Program — Helps you learn to take care of your heart. A team of providers builds a care plan just for you, watches your blood pressure and weight gain. The program helps you eat healthy and monitor salt and fluids. You learn tips to manage your condition and how to deal with problems that may come up. All patients with CHF are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Program — Gives you tips to manage your condition. You will take a breathing test to see how well your lungs are working, and a care plan is made just for you. You learn how to eat healthy and exercise to help your lungs get stronger. All patients who are living with asthma, long-term bronchitis, emphysema and COPD are encouraged to participate.
  • Wound Care Program — We will treat your wound, as well as any condition that may be slow in healing.

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