Meet our team

The IMCC care team consists of nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, a clinical social worker, a patient care coordinator, a patient family advisory committee, the patient, family members, and primary caregivers. An IMCC-affiliated physician is available for staff consultations. The IMCC care team will replace the patient’s primary care physician and will manage all conditions to help patients reach and maintain an optimal level of wellness.

Carolyn Clevenger
Clinical Director

Tyler Finkle
Patient Care Coordinator

Debbie Gunter
Nurse Practitioner

Ihab Hajjar, MD
Collaborating Physician

Allan Levey, MD
Collaborating Physician

Laura Medders
Administrative Director
Social Worker

Alison Schlenge
Nurse Practitioner

Heidi Wells
Registered Nurse

The IMCC also has a patient family advisory committee that provides valuable contributions to the IMCC’s operations. This committee is comprised of current and former IMCC caregivers and former caregivers.

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