The Emory Voice Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders and voice problems, offering the latest innovations in voice therapies and effective management options for all conditions that affect the voice.

We serve laryngeal conditions of all types, including problems that affect the voice, swallowing, and airway.

Since it’s foundation in 2002, the Emory Voice Center has expanded to include three fellowship-trained laryngologists and a team of specialized speech-language pathologists. Dr. Adam Klein, Dr. Jeanne Hatcher, and Dr. Craig Villari see more than 5,000 patients 800 procedures annually.

Many voice professionals in the region and across the country seek care at The Emory Voice Center.

At The Emory Voice Center, we use a multidisciplinary approach to treating voice disorders. This means a variety of practitioners are all available under one roof, so our patients can get comprehensive voice care in one place.

We are dedicated to offering our patients the latest in voice treatment technology. Emory is one of only a few centers across the country, and the only center in the Southeast, that uses a cutting-edge new laser treatment to correct vocal disorders. Pulsed KTP laser treatment can correct problems of the vocal cords with minimal risk to the patient's voice.

The Emory Voice Center lab is actively involved in research to better understand and treat voice disorders and voice problems. Current research includes:

  • Novel treatments for the aging voice
  • Outcomes of treatment for neurolaryngeal disease
  • Slow-release drug delivery systems for use in the larynx
  • Novel laryngeal pacing systems to restore vocal fold motion
  • Development of laryngeal surgical trainer
  • Voice treatment adherence
  • The benefits of early detection and tobacco cessation education to an at-risk population
  • Novel treatments in voice therapy

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