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Thigh Lift

Dramatic weight loss is the usual cause of extensive redundancy of skin in the inner-thigh area. This skin is often flabby and dimpled in appearance. A thigh lift removes this loose skin, creating a tighter and more attractive thigh. A thigh lift may include both lifting of the lateral thigh, as in a lower body lift, and lifting of the inner thigh.

The incisions for an inner thigh lift vary depending on the amount of loss skin and how far the laxity extends toward the knee. When laxity is less severe the incision may be limited to the groin crease or to the upper part of the inner thigh where they are hidden under shorts. When the laxity is severe, the incision may need to extend from the groin to the knee. Thigh lifts can be combined with liposuction to improve the skin contours and surface appearance. It is performed under general anesthesia and typically requires wearing a compression garment in the weeks after surgery. As swelling gradually resolves over the next few weeks, patients can start returning to exercise. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight after surgery is the best way to preserve your results.

The best candidates for a thigh lift have loose skin of the inner or outer thighs who have achieved a healthy weight. If the fatty deposits on the thigh are still excessive, sometimes a staged procedure is done with decompressive liposuction done at the first stage, and the "lifting," or excisional part, done at the second stage. The stages are generally separated by several months. In most cases the results can be dramatic, with more space between the inner thighs, smoother skin, and a leaner look to the thigh. In general, younger patients, those with more skin elasticity, and those at a lower body fat percentage will have the best results, while those with skin thinning and higher body fat may have less dramatic changes.

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