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Dermal Fillers

Aging causes collagen to break down and decrease facial volume. Several injectable dermal fillers are now available to restore this volume and reverse the signs of aging. These fillers improve mild to moderate facial wrinkles.

New and varied fillers have been introduced recently and allow correction in an expanding number of locations on the body. While fillers have been used for quite some time along the nasolabial lines (from nostril to lip corner) and lips, they are now also used for volumizing in other areas. For instance, they are now being used for cheek augmentation, to correct under-eye hollowness, to camouflage lower-face jowls and to reverse aging of the hands.

Fillers are injected in the office, and the procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated. Many fillers are now formulated with a local anesthetic that allows the procedure to be performed with greater patient comfort and the use of a topical numbing cream rather than injected nerve blocks. Minimal bruising and swelling may last for a few days after the procedure, but makeup can be worn and routine skin regimens followed. Duration of results is variable depending on the product used and area treated, but can range from six months to five years.

A consultation with an Emory physician can help determine which areas of your skin would respond well to filler treatment and which product or products would best meet your needs. These may include:

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Excellent and versatile fillers composed of hyaluronic acid (“HA,” a chemical found naturally in the human body), both can be used in multiple areas of the face for enhancement, to reduce the appearance of deeper lines and to improve hollowness under the eyes (tear troughs). Both Juvederm and Restylane filler materials come prepared with local anesthesia to reduce discomfort, and a topical anesthesia may be used prior to injection.


A long-lasting and volumizing filler, RADIESSE is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, a material found naturally in the human body. This filler can be used in multiple areas of the face to restore volume and enhance the face in a structural way, but it also stimulates collagen production to give longer-lasting results. RADIESSE itself lasts up to a year, but again, longer-lasting results can be achieved due to collagen stimulation.


Sculptra, or poly-L-lactic acid, is not a typical “filler.” This material is composed of the same materials used in certain types of sutures during surgery. Sculptra stimulates the body’s production of collagen so that, once the compound has dissolved, you are left with more collagen, plumper skin and a more youthful appearance. Results are FDA-approved to last for two years, though many patients have longer-lasting results. Most patients will require three treatment cycles separated by six weeks each to allow time for collagen stimulation.

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