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Photofacials/IPL Therapy

Sun and the natural aging process cause cumulative damage to the skin, often leading to imperfections such as sunspots, rosacea and spider veins. Photofacials, also known as IPL (intense pulse light) therapy, can be an effective way to treat these conditions with the added benefit of no downtime. Other conditions IPL therapy may be used for include large pores, shallow scars, facial redness and other skin discoloration, and hair removal. 

Using IPL to Treat the Signs of Aging

IPL’s multi-wavelength light penetrates the outer layers of skin (epidermis) and delivers light energy to the deeper (dermal) layers of skin. It is within the dermis that collagen, the main supporting structure of our skin, resides and is produced. The light energy tightens collagen protein bundles and stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, which reduces the appearance of facial lines, wrinkles and pore size. Because the light energy penetrates the outer layers of skin, there is none of the peeling and redness associated with traditional laser resurfacing.

Using IPL to Treat Unwanted Blood Vessels and Rosacea

To remove unwanted blood vessels and the red flushing associated with rosacea, concentrated light energy passes through the outer skin to the vessels, where heat destroys the selected target, but leaves surrounding tissue intact. The flow of blood is then redirected to vessels deeper in the skin. At the Emory Aesthetic Center, our aesthetician can perform this treatment on your face, neck and chest.

After a series of treatments, there will be a clearing of discoloration, rosacea and vessels, creating a more smooth and even appearance to the skin. Typical treatment areas include the face, arms, chest, back and legs.

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