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Real Patients, Real Experiences

The Emory Aesthetic Center understands that beauty is more than skin deep – it’s a reflection of the inner you. Our patient testimonials provide personal experiences directly from the patients themselves.

Many of us like to hear what others have experienced – from the decision to take the first step to the surgery and the recovery. While everyone's experiences can be different, these testimonials can be helpful in making you feel comfortable with the care that someone else has received, and by understanding directly what the recovery and results were like.

A Sneak Peek

If you are considering a cosmetic surgical procedure at the Emory Aesthetic Center, you will probably want to know what kind of results you can expect. Our galleries offer you a variety of pre- and post-operative images that illustrate the results of procedures we have performed in the past.

The images are organized into galleries that focus on specific areas of the body.


Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Fat Transfer

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Varicose Veins: