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Making the Decision

4 Steps to a Beautiful New You!

  1. Allow yourself to dream. 

  2. Allow yourself to dream

    Envision yourself as you would like to be and then think about what it will take to get there. What can you do on your own with a healthy diet and regular exercise? You may be at a point where the things you'd like to change aren't affected by anything you do personally.

    Time takes a toll on all of our bodies. But through the miracle of cosmetic surgery, you can lift and tuck, augment or reduce, and contour your body back to where it used to be (or should have been in the first place!).

    Jot down a few areas you'd like to improve on. Think about which one could make the biggest difference in your life right now.

  1. Know that you deserve it. 

  2. Know that you deserve it

    It's okay to treat yourself. Remember that before you can take care of anyone else effectively, you have to take care of yourself. Only when you feel your best can you give your best. Cosmetic surgery is the gift you give yourself. Because you're worth it.

  1. Explore your options. 

  2. Explore your options

    Click on the links below to learn more about the options offered at the Emory Aesthetics Center: 

  1. Schedule your free consultation. 

  2. Schedule your free consultation

    Come in and meet with one of our board-certified surgeons and talk about your options. They'll work with you to develop a plan that you feel comfortable with—and that gives you the biggest return on your investment. Remember, little changes can have a big impact.