Outpatient Diabetes Education and Nutrition Services Program

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Diabetes Education Services

Emory’s Outpatient Diabetes Education and Nutrition Services Program is proud to offer self-management classes built around the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) "7 self-care behaviors". Classes aim to promote and teach people with diabetes to be active, to eat healthy, to practice daily monitoring, how to take medication, to reduce risks, to problem solve and to develop healthy coping habits for successful diabetes management.

Group classes and one-on-one sessions are available.

Classes and individual visits are led by our multispecialty team, which includes Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Dietitians (RD). Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Endocrinologists offer support and guidance for the program and classes. Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for providing patients with the tools and habits they need to avoid long term complications and successfully control diabetes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Services

Our licensed dietitians can help people with a variety of conditions learn the nutritional and meal planning skills they need to lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition to diabetes, we see people with kidney disease, cardiovascular conditions, gastro-intestinal issues, obesity and weight gain, unexpected weight loss, and others.

We offer appointments and classes at several Emory Healthcare locations:

Diabetes Self-Management Training "Life is Sweet"

finger stickDiabetes Self-Management Training is a comprehensive diabetes overview tailored to provide overall guidance to person with diabetes. This class teaches the skills needed to successfully manage diabetes and control blood sugar. Sessions will address the basics of diabetes, including: monitoring blood sugar, nutrition, medications, preventing complications and more.

Classes are offered throughout the month at several locations and a variety of times. Please see our class schedule to find the most convenient time and place.

Physician referrals are required.

Gestational Diabetes Management "Sweet Mamas, Healthy Babies"

gestational diabetesGestational Diabetes Management classes are perfect for expectant mothers who want to learn how they can navigate diabetes treatment during pregnancy. Classes will focus on nutrition counseling, glucose monitoring goals, and understanding how gestational diabetes can be controlled for the health of both mother and baby. Classes are offered throughout the month at several locations and a variety of times.

Physician referrals are required.

Insulin Pump Users "Jump to the Pump"

Insulin pump users will benefit from group and individual sessions that will teach persons with diabetes how to use and manage their diabetes through an insulin pump regimen. Device use, infusion insertion, maintenance, troubleshooting, nutrition management and exercising with an insulin pump are examples of the offered training. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns to class to discuss with the Registered Diabetes Educators.

Physician referrals are required.

Medical Nutrition Therapy "Eat What You Like! Learn How"

NutritionMedical Nutrition Therapy for diabetes involves using a specific tailored meal plan to minimize blood sugar spikes and provide glucose control. Medical Nutrition Therapy is also a great way to learn the skills you need to combat other conditions, such as gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Educators will review current eating habits and provide nutrition counseling.

Physician referrals are required.