Hearing Aid Dispensing Program

The following is an overview of Emory's dispensing program; all steps and services are conducted by a trained and licensed audiologist with a doctorate and/or master's degree in audiology.  The audiologists work with products from three manufacturers to select hearing aids most appropriate for a patient's hearing loss and individual lifestyle.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

You will first need to have your hearing tested by a licensed audiologist.  The hearing test will provide a starting point for determining hearing aid candidacy.  The audiologist may recommend a physician consultation based on the test results prior to the hearing aid fitting.  A current hearing test (performed within six months) is needed for accurate hearing aid assessment.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

**Please review the terms of payment and policy explanation.**

You and the audiologist will discuss the different styles and features available in hearing aids.  A spouse or family member is welcome during the hearing aid process.  This appointment is scheduled to allow an appropriate amount of time for discussion (however may not require the full time allotted).

  • A decision will be made as to which hearing aids (or aid) are most appropriate based on the hearing loss and the individual's specific listening demands, technology needs, and price range.
  • Impression(s) of the ear(s) will be taken at this time if needed.
  • A hearing aid evaluation fee is billed for this appointment.
  • A $300 non-refundable deposit is paid by the patient at the time of service.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Approximately two to three weeks after the selection, you will return for the hearing aid fitting.  This appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes.  At this time, you will be instructed regarding the proper care, use, and maintenance of the hearing instrument(s) and any accessories.  Expectations and initial experiences will be discussed.

  • Payment of the hearing aid(s) is expected at this time.  All policies and procedures will be reviewed in detail by the audiologist and/or the financial representative.
  • A 30-day trial period will begin at this time.  The trial period will allow you time to experience everyday situations and determine the benefit of the hearing aid(s).  The opportunity to return the hearing aids for refund is available during this time period should you not be pleased with your experience.

For all patients with established hearing loss treated with hearing aids, it is recommended that they obtain an annual diagnostic hearing evaluation to monitor their hearing loss and determine if hearing aids need to be re-adjusted.