Hearing Aid Styles & Technology

There are different styles/sizes of hearing aids currently available.  The style will be determined based on the degree of hearing loss and the size and shape of the ear canal.  Not every style is appropriate for everyone.

hearing aids

The Emory Clinic only works with digital hearing aids. Analog or analog programmable hearing aids may be serviced at our clinic, but we no longer sell this technology.  Digital hearing aids are programmed to specifically match the configuration of an individual's hearing loss.  Many parameters are available to fine-tune and adjust the sound quality of the aids to better suit the individual's listening situations.  Some digital hearing aids have features such as multiple listening programs (with push button or remote control), automatic volume adjustment, noise reduction, directional microphones, Bluetooth compatibility, and telecoils.  Not all features are available on all hearing aids.  Your audiologist will discuss options in detail to help you determine which are important for you so that you can get the most affordable technology.