Terms of Payment for Hearing Aids

Hearing aids sold at Emory range in price from $1800 to $3300 per hearing aid (subject to change).  A $300 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of the hearing aid evaluation.  If hearing aids are purchased, this deposit is applied toward the total cost.  Ear molds, which are required for some hearing aids, are non-refundable, and cost $75 per ear.

The purchaser or the third party payer will pay the "Total Amount Due" before receiving the hearing aid(s).  Payment must be made directly to The Emory Clinic.  Payment options include:

  1. Pay in full at time of pick-up.  Cash, personal checks with proper identification, and credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS) are accepted.
  2. Payment must be provided by insurance company (third party payer) before hearing aids are ordered.  The patient is responsible for determining policy coverage of the hearing aid as well as any portion for the Total Amount Due not covered by insurance.
  3. Care Credit© accounts are accepted for hearing aid costs.  The patient is responsible for obatining this service.


Medicare does not cover any portion of the cost of hearing aids or supplies.  Private insurance companies occasionally cover hearing aid costs.  However, patients are responsible for understanding details of coverage, and hearing aids will not be dispensed until full payment is received.

Trial Period / Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the hearing aid, you can return it in new condition with all accompanying accessories during the 30-day trial period for a refund less the $300 deposit.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE AFTER THIRTY (30) DAYS, AND THE $300 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

Loss/Damage Coverage

If you should lose the hearing aid or damage it beyond repair during the "loss/damage coverage period," you are eligible for a replacement hearing aid of the same make/model.  However, you must pay an additional $300 re-stocking fee per hearing aid.

Repair Warranty

All hearing aids come with a minimum of a one-year full repair warranty through the hearing aid manufacturer.

Hearing Aid Checks

Follow-up appointments for hearing aid checks are included as part of the total cost of the hearing aids.  Up to three hearing aid check appointments will be covered annually.

Customized Items

Ear molds and supplies are non-refundable and are excluded from the terms mentioned in this policy.

Overdue Account

The Emory Clinic reserves the right to submit hearing aid accounts for colelction or for legal action if payment is denied.