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January 2010

Confused about the recent mammogram recommendations?


For years, doctors have recommended that women follow the American Cancer Society (ACS) breast cancer screening guidelines. In November 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released new guidelines for mammograms. The new recommendations suggest women should get mammograms less frequently than advised by the ACS, which is confusing to many.

After reviewing the research, Carl D'Orsi, MD, FACR, director of the Emory Breast Imaging Center, recommends women continue to follow the original ACS screening guidelines. Learn more

Old Resolutions, New Goals: The Weight is Over

Emory Bariatrics Center

The New Year brings some familiar resolutions back into focus. Among the most popular is the resolution to lose weight. So, how do you fulfill this vow and stay on track this time around? The key to losing big is to think small. That's right - think small by setting realistic goals. Create small achievable milestones to help measure and celebrate your success.

The Emory Bariatric Center can help make your New Year's resolution a reality. With a team of professionals that includes doctors, surgeons, researchers, dieticians and psychologists, Emory's Bariatric Center offers safe, supportive, and effective long-term weight loss and weight management solutions for overweight and obese individuals. To learn more about charting your course to a healthy lifestyle, visit us online.

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