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May 2010

Home Away From Home

Home Away from Home

It is a typical night in the Mason Guest House, a private retreat that offers affordable lodging for transplant patients and their families. In the living room, heart transplant recipient Chester Howard listens to his son, Brandon, strum a guitar. Across the hall in one of three kitchens, Inga Boyce stirs a pot of goulash on the stove. On the upper floors, others relax, read books, or send emails to friends. Read the full story

Latest advances in hair restoration surgery

Emory Facial Center

Now Emory – the name you’ve come to know and trust for high-quality care – brings you the latest advances in hair restoration surgery for men and women.

The Emory Facial Center is pleased to introduce world-renowned hair-restoration expert Ken Anderson, MD, one of a select few surgeons in the United States trained in follicular unit extraction. Dr. Anderson transplants hair one follicle at a time, ensuring that hair replacement looks and feels natural, without plugs, lines, or scarring. This method is minimally invasive, which means next-to-no downtime.

To see amazing before/after photos and personal success stories for this procedure, visit www.emoryfacialcenter.org. Or call 404-303-0101 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anderson.

Another Bright Idea!
Meat and protein: Know your portion sizes!

Portion Sizes

Remember our March issue where we showed you visual tricks to understanding vegetable and starch portion sizes? This month we focus on meat and protein.

When we plan a meal, the first thought that usually comes to mind is “Which meat or protein should I start with?” While choosing your protein is a solid building block to begin planning a meal, the large protein portions served in restaurants are not solid foundations to a healthy diet.

How do you know how much beans, nuts or meat is a healthy portion? Check out these tricks to help with your visual size comparison:

Beans = ½ cup = a light bulb
Cooked meat = 3 ounces = a deck of cards
Hummus = 2 tbsp. = a golf ball
Nuts = ¼ cup = an egg
Peanut butter = 2 tbsp. = a golf ball

New Healthy Recipe

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Having surgery at Emory University Hospital?

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