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Emory and the OlympicsUnderstanding the Different Types of Heart Disease

“Heart disease” is a general term used to describe a range of diseases that affect your heart and its capacity to deliver blood and oxygen throughout your body. But it can also refer to an infection or a condition that affects the heart’s muscle, valves or beating rhythm. The good news is that many types of heart disease can be prevented with healthy habits. Read More>>

Benefits of Almonds
Four Heart-Healthy Benefits of Almonds!

The evidence is overwhelming that almonds can help lower LDL-cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. On top of that, they are incredibly convenient, requiring no preparation. Why do these little nuts pack such a big punch? Find Out Now >>

Kidney SwapMother-Daughter Team Kicks Off Six-Way Kidney Swap

Cindy Skrine needed a kidney transplant. Her daughter was tested as a donor, but ultimately was not a match for her mother. She was, however, a match for someone in California. With the help of Emory’s Paired Donor Kidney Exchange Program, thus began a six-way kidney swap that stretched across the country and back. Read more >>

Upcoming MD Chats

Online Chat: Paired Donor Kidney Exchange

Paired Donor Kidney Exchange

Paired Donor Kidney ExchangeWith nearly 100,000 people in the United States waiting on a kidney transplant, Emory has doubled down on its efforts to raise the awareness and incidence of living and paired donation. Emory began its Kidney Paired Donor Exchange Program in 2010 and has  been participating in the National Kidney Registry since 2012. During this live chat, Dr. Nicole Turgeon of the Emory Transplant Center will discuss how paired donor exchange works, what it takes to become a donor and how paired donor exchange is helping patients get a second chance at a healthy life. Chat Sign-Up>>

Online Chat: Diagnosing & Treating Ankle Sprains

Diagnosing and Treating Ankle Sprains

Ankle SprainsJoin us on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, for a live online chat all about ankle sprains with Emory Orthopaedics, Sports & Spine physician Oluseun Olufade, MD. Dr. Olufade will be available to answer questions related to ankle sprains, including the common symptoms, how they are diagnosed and how they are treated. Chat Sign-Up>>

Emory University Hospital MidtownEmory Wound & Hyperbaric Center Opens at Emory University Hospital Midtown

The newly renovated center is a consolidation of the Wesley Woods Wound Clinic and Midtown’s Hyperbaric Unit. Patients of the center will receive coordinated care by a team of specialists consisting of nurses certified in wound and ostomy care and board-certified physicians, including a podiatrist with special expertise in wound care. Read More>>

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Perinatal Classes at Midtown
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Four Day Wednesday Class

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Perinatal Classes at Midtown
My Time: Just for Brothers and Sisters

5/17 at 10 a.m.

Perinatal Classes at Midtown
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5/25 at 8 p.m.


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4/17 at 11 a.m.

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