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The Impact of Brain Injury on VeteransThe Impact of Brain Injury on Veterans

Nearly 20% of deployed military personnel experience traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs are any brain injury caused by an outside force. These injuries can be “closed,” such as from a fall or motor vehicle accident or “open,” like from a gunshot wound.Traumatic brain injuries range broadly from mild to severe. People with mild TBI (also called concussion) often fully recover within days to weeks, while those with severe TBI may have significant and sometimes permanent impairments. Fortunately, 70 – 90% of all TBIs in military personnel fall within the “mild” range.
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Kidney Cancer and Robotic Cancer TreatmentKidney Cancer and Robotic Cancer Treatment

The American Cancer Society estimates about 62,700 new cases of kidney cancer (39,650 in men and 23,050 in women) will occur in in the United States this year.When people think about the kidneys it’s likely they picture a pair of bean-shaped organs, one on the left and the other just to the right of the backbone. It’s not likely that people think about connections to the heart or even the toes through a large vein called the vena cava. The kidneys are apart of a complex system that extends into the main blood vessels and the heart.
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Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Lift: Which One Do I Need?

Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Lift: Which One Do I Need?

Are you tired of looking tired? As we age, excess skin or drooping brows can cause our eyes to lose their sparkle, leaving us looking chronically fatigued. You may assume that the problem is excess skin on your eyelids—and you might be right. However, sometimes the reason is more complex. If your eyebrows have drooped, they may be causing your eyelid skin to bunch up and even crowd your eyelashes.

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Organ Transplantation

Giving the Gift of Life: Understanding Organ Donation
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at Noon EST with Sharon Mathews, MS, RN, CPTC. Sign up>>

Hand Wrist Elbow Chat

Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain and Treatments
Tuesday, March 26, 2016 at Noon EST with Dr. Michael Gottschalk. Sign up>>

Sunscreen Discount Offer

April Special: 25% discount on sunscreens
The Emory Aesthetic Center Spa is offering a 25% discount on all sunscreens. Learn More>>