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Top 3 Vaccination Myths Debunked

Vaccination Immunization Myths Debunked

Vaccination has long been a requirement for travel, employment and school attendance due to its obvious implications for disease prevention. The question remains why there are still so many resounding oppositions to and myths to such a simple solution for prevention. Because the Internet is full of content that is highly unregulated, misinformation can cause fear and anxiety for many people seeking knowledge on disease prevention and vaccination risks. We’ve highlighted (and debunked) the top three vaccination myths found online...

Do You "Know When to Go" to the E.R.?

Know When to Go to the E.R.

With soaring medical prices and long waits, most people will do whatever they can to avoid a trip to the emergency room (ER). However, some medical situations do require a visit to the ER. Many of us have a difficult time determining whether or not a medical condition merits that trip. So, how do we decide? We have summarized the American College of Emergency Physicians' list of 10 instances when a trip to the ER is truly warranted. Know when to go...

6 Ways to Stop or Reverse Bone Loss During Menopause

Stop Reverse Bone Loss Menopause

If you’re a perimenopausal, menopausal, or even postmenopausal woman, this blog is for you. You’ve probably heard that you’re likely to lose bone mass during menopause. The good news is you can take steps to help preserve and even build bone density before nature takes its toll. Do these six things and you’ll enjoy stronger bones and better overall health. See the list...

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UPDATE: Facial Plastic Surgery Web Chat Transcript

Facial Plastic Surgery Chat

Facial Plastic Surgery Chat

These days, you cannot flip through a magazine or turn on the television without being flooded with information on the latest beauty craze or anti-aging procedure. So how do you navigate through all the clutter to select a procedure that is right for you? Join board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anita Sethna, as she answers all of your questions about the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques to enhance your facial appearanceMore on Botox®, Fillers & Facial Plastic Surgery

UPDATE: Cancer Survivorship & Sexuality Web Chat Transcript

Cancer Survivorship & Sexuality Chat

Cancer Sexuality Survivorship Web Chat

For the next in our series of Live Chats for cancer survivors and their families, we will focus on the topic of sexuality. Cancer treatments can wreak havoc on body and mind, thus impacting how we feel about affection and intimacy. On Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 12:00 (noon) EST, Jim Hankins, MSW, LCSW, and Alice Mullins, LCSW from Winship at Emory’s survivorship program will lead a discussion on this very important and often under-addressed topic. More on Survivorship & Support

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