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Kevin Jordan Returns to Practice After Kidney Transplant in February

Kevin JordanIn February we shared with you a story of two amazing people, Kevin Jordan, a 19-year-old Wake Forest University baseball player, and his coach, Tom Walter, aka Coach Tom. Kevin was diagnosed with ANCA vasculitis, an autoimmune disorder that typically leads to almost immediate kidney failure. He was in desperate need of a new kidney, and when none of his family members met matching criteria to serve as a living donor, Coach Tom volunteered to be tested as a match. A match he was, and the story is pretty much a fairytale from there.

Honoring & Celebrating Dr. J. Willis Hurst (1920-2011) - Friend, Mentor &  Leader in Cardiology

Dr. J. Willis HurstEmory lost a beloved member of our community and leader in the field of cardiology on October, 1, 2011, when Dr. J. Willis Hurst passed away. A celebrated teacher, mentor, friend and writer, Dr. Hurst was also an internationally recognized clinician, having served as personal cardiologist to former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, as well as other government leaders. Dr. Hurst authored The Heart, the most widely used cardiology textbook in the world and authored or edited 400 scientific articles and over 60 books. He has left a lasting mark on the world of heart & vascular care, and will be deeply missed by all.

Childhood Obesity - The Battle Begins at Birth

Childhood Obesity1 in 5 preschoolers is overweight, with half of those being obese. According to recent studies, breastfeeding offers the best protection against obesity when it is practiced exclusively for three months and then continues for the baby’s first year with the addition of appropriate foods at ages four to six months. “When a child is breastfed, he is almost eight times less likely to be obese as a child," notes Maeve Howett, PhDm and president of the Southeastern Lactation Consultants Association. Learn more on breastfeeding and childhood obesity.

Upcoming MD Chats

LASIK web chatLASIK Web Chat - UPDATE: Trasncript

LASIK web chat

If you’ve been thinking about getting LASIK surgery but still have a few unanswered questions, we invite you to join us for a free live web chat with board-certified Emory Vision LASIK surgeon, J. Bradley Randleman, MD. Dr. Randleman will be fielding all your LASIK surgery questions in real time. For example, have you been wondering: How long does LASIK surgery take? How important is the technology used in LASIK surgery? Can LASIK surgery help correct an astigmatism? If you've got questions like these, you are a great candidate for Dr. Randleman's LASIK chat!

Women & Heart Disease Web ChatWomen & Heart Disease Web Chat - UPDATE: Transcript

HeartWise Lecture Series

Are you a woman at risk for Heart Disease? Dr. Isiadinso will answer questions about the differences in heart disease symptoms between men and women, diagnosing women’s heart disease and preventing heart disease. Bring your questions with you and we'll see you on October 19th for what's sure to be an interesting live chat!

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Emory University Orthoapedics and Spine Hospital: Pre-Operative Total Joint Class
2/10 at 11 a.m.


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