Admission and Discharge

After your evaluation is complete, the ED physician will determine whether you should be admitted to the hospital or discharged. Our goal is to make the choice that is best for your current medical condition. We will discuss these recommendations with you and your physician. 
If you require admission, please note that it may take time to coordinate the admission process and obtain a room that is appropriate to your medical needs. If the hospital or a specific unit is full, you will remain in the ED until a bed becomes available. Although this delay is not optimal, we are striving to serve you and other patients to the best of our ability. The staff will attempt to make you as comfortable as possible and continue your medical care. As soon as your bed becomes available, you will be transported to your assigned room. If you are admitted, your friends and family may call Patient Information at (404) 712-3411 for your room and telephone number.
If you do not require admission to the hospital, the ED physician will review your care and diagnosis, and will provide you with discharge instructions. The nurse will explain the instructions and any prescriptions given to you, and will answer any questions that you or your family have regarding the care and treatment you received in the ED.

After discharge, please make a follow-up appointment with your private physician to continue your care. Your private physician will also be able to answer any further questions or address any new problems concerning your condition. If you do not have a physician, we will provide you with a referral to an appropriate physician.

If at any time after you are discharged, you are not feeling well or your symptoms worsen, we strongly advise you to return to the ED immediately for re-evaluation.