Patient Information

Patient Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to the ED staff. If at any time during your visit you require assistance, need to ask a question or express a concern, please consult with the nurse or physician who is taking care of you. Because the ED is always interested in feedback from our patients and their families, you may receive a patient satisfaction survey after your visit to our ED. If you do receive a survey, please take the time to complete and return it, as these surveys provide us with information that allow us to continually serve you better.

Radiology Studies
Please note that emergency X-ray readings are only preliminary. An attending radiologist will review all X-rays. If there are any changes in the reading of your X-rays, you or your private physician will be notified. All X-rays at Emory University Hospital all digitally produced and read from a computer monitor. Therefore, X-rays are not routinely printed. If you or your private physician wishes to see the X-rays taken in the ED, please call (404) 712-7039 to obtain a copy. Please note that there is a charge for the duplication of X-rays.

Laboratory Studies

Most lab results are available during your ED evaluation; however, culture results and other special tests may take longer than a few hours to complete. If your lab results require action (further testing, changes in your medications, etc.), we will contact either you or your physician, depending on the situation. 

Medical Records
A copy of your ED medical record can be obtained by contacting the Medical Records Department at 404-712-7271.

Medical Advice via the Telephone

The Emory University Hospital does not provide medical advice over the telephone. If you call in for medical advice we will recommend one of three options:

  • If there is a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

  • If you require urgent medical evaluation for the problem you are experiencing, please come to the ED immediately.

  • If you have a routine or minor medical concern, please contact your primary care physician or specialist from whom you receive ongoing medical care.

The Emory University Hospital and its associated physicians have a vast clinical and basic science research network. Clinical trials and other research programs are available, including the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department. If you are interested in learning more about our research programs, you may access the Health System's website at