After completing the triage process, you may be called to the registration area to provide necessary information. Patients will be registered after the triage nurse has determined that the registration process will not delay immediate stabilization of an emergency medical condition.

All patients are treated regardless of payment and insurance arrangements.

If the severity of your condition does not permit the registration process, you will be brought directly to the treatment area and either a family member may provide the information or a member of the registration staff will obtain this information at bedside once your condition permits.  

Privacy and Confidentiality
The hospital respects the privacy and confidentiality of patients, and will only use or disclose patient information to the extent necessary for purposes of treatment, payment, hospital operations, and as authorized by the patient, pursuant to a court order, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Furthermore, upon registration, you will be provided with the Patient's Bill of Rights and the Hospital's Notice of Privacy Practices, which describes how the hospital will protect the privacy of your personal medical information. 

Insurance, Billing & Financial Information

During the registration process you will be asked to provide your insurance card(s) and photo identification card that includes your home address.

Copies are maintained to ensure the accuracy of the information entered into the computer system. Please note that all emergency services are billed separately and you may receive two or more individual billing statements for the services rendered. If you do not have your insurance information at the time of arrival, you can contact the hospital admissions department at (404) 686-7038 within 24 hours, or you can submit the information directly to the Billing Department upon receiving your statement in the mail.

Please note that ED staff is prohibited from discussing financial information or answering questions relative to insurance coverage with patients who are receiving emergency care. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly at your earliest convenience.