Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address for Emory University Hospital Midtown?
Emory University Hospital Midtown
550 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Who can I call to get up-to-date information on doctors and medical services?
Call the Emory University Hospital Midtown Physician Referral Line at 404-778-2000 for helpful, up-to-date information about the doctors and medical services at Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Is there a physician at Emory University Hospital Midtown who specializes in the treatment of a certain condition?
For information on doctors and the conditions they treat, call the Emory University Hospital Midtown Physician Referral Line at 404-778-2000.

What should I bring with me for my stay in the hospital?
Please bring personal items such as pajamas or nightgown, robe, slippers and toiletries for your hospital stay. You should also bring a list of current medications you are taking and don't forget insurance information. Do not bring valuables such as jewelry, watches, wallets, purses, electrical appliances, cellular telephones or large amounts of cash.

Where can I find out about research projects and clinical trials?
For information on research projects and clinical trials, call our Emory HealthConnectionSM at 404-778-7777.

Who should I contact to get information on donating my body to science after I have passed on?
For information on body donation call: 404-727-6242.