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Emory strongly supports alternative transportation options for its staff. The shuttle bus network, named ‘Cliff,’ services Emory’s Midtown, Clifton, Executive Park and Briarcliff campuses. It also includes Park-n-Ride service from local malls, so staff can park for free there and travel by shuttle to Emory.

Emory is focused on providing staff, students, faculty, patients and visitors with safe, reliable and efficient transportation services.

image"A key goal for Emory is to increase the sustainability of our campus and our community. We are making significant investments in transportation alternatives that will reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles near Emory," said Mike Mandl, executive vice president, Emory University. "The expansion of transportation options is also a key tenet of the Clifton Community Partnership, a collaborative effort between Emory, neighborhood groups and businesses working to improve the vitality of our community."

For staff who want to save money on commuting and want to choose a more environmentally friendly option for their commute, Cliff shuttles continue to be a great commute choice. Cliff also allows people to move around Emory without the need to find parking or worry about driving in local traffic.

In addition to its shuttles, Emory continues to provide numerous alternative transportation options for commuters, including its carpool, vanpool, Zipcar, bicycle and MARTA subsidy programs. For more information on these programs, visit www.transportation.emory.edu.

Cliff Facts - By the Numbersimage

  • Number of shuttle buses in the Cliff fleet - 59
  • Cliff fleet is 100% alternatively fueled (electric, compressed natural gas, biodiesel)
  • Number of free Park-n-Ride commuter shuttle lots served by Cliff: One lot at North DeKalb Mall (200 spaces) and another at South DeKalb Mall (200 spaces)
  • Cliff shuttles start as early as 5:00 a.m. and run as late as 12:30 a.m. Visit www.ridecliff.org for schedule details
  • On Saturdays, Cliff service runs to Lenox Mall and Emory's Oxford campus has service to Stonecrest Mall
  • Cliff service includes the Decatur MARTA station, Executive Park, North DeKalb Mall and South DeKalb Mall Park-n-Ride lots.
  • Cost to ride Cliff: free

 Emory's Other Transportation Options

  • Van pools (join an existing van pool or start your own)
  • Car pools (join an existing car pool or start your own)
  • MARTA Pass program (nearly 2000 Clifton Corridor employees participate)
  • Zipcar program (6 Zipcars are available on campus)
  • Bike Emory provides bike services and bicycles programs for cyclists (bike.emory.edu)
  • To participate or learn more about these programs, visit www.transportation.emory.edu.