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Food & You

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Welcome to Food & You - a partnership between Food & Nutrition and Employee Health! This program is focused on our connection with our food, and how that connection can better our well-being. It's about YOU and it's about your FOOD.

How to deal with stress eating

You are stressed and to calm your nerves, the first thing you reach for is … chocolate? Salty chips? A pint of rocky road? Let’s face it, it’s probably not carrots. Anxiety over work, finances and relationships can even lead a health nut to chow down on comfort foods to relieve stress.

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The Lowdown on Vitamin D

You might already know that vitamin D, by improving the absorption of calcium, is important for bone health. But, vitamin D might be even more hardworking than we once thought. Exciting new research is showing the vitamin's important role in maintaining the health of our muscles, brain and immune system. Are you getting enough? It’s recommended that we get 600 IU of vitamin D a day. Find it in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna; mushrooms; egg yolks and fortified milks (soy milk, too!). The body can also make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Ten minutes of direct sun exposure a day is all you need to get your daily dose!

Ask The RD!

Ever wonder what’s the best food to eat after a run or what counts as a balanced breakfast? You can now ask an Emory Healthcare registered dietitian! Submit your general nutrition question to Ask The RD, a new Food & You program. EHC registered dietitians will answer your questions, and the responses will be posted on this website monthly.

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