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Food & You

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Welcome to Food & You - a partnership between Food & Nutrition and Employee Health! This program is focused on our connection with our food, and how that connection can better our well-being. It's about YOU and it's about your FOOD.

Sip Smart This Summer – Healthy Beverage Ideas

cool drinkAs we move into summer and the temperature heats up, it is especially important to stay hydrated. We all know water is good for us, but sometimes we crave something with a little more flavor. Unfortunately, many of our favorite summertime beverages, such as lemonade and sweetened iced tea, contain a ton of sugar and extra calories that most of us don’t want or need. Even seemingly virtuous fruit smoothies can be loaded with sugar and calories. Try some of these refreshing and low-calorie drink options to stay well-hydrated throughout the summer months while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Make a homemade fruit smoothie by combining fresh or frozen berries, bananas, low-fat yogurt, and a splash of skim milk or dairy alternative, such as soy or almond milk, in a blender. Add leafy greens, like kale or spinach, for added nutrition.
  • Add a splash of 100-percent orange or cranberry juice and a squeeze of fresh lime to seltzer water.
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a little bit of sweetener, if desired, to unsweetened iced tea.
  • Flavor water with lemons, limes, oranges, berries, watermelon, cucumbers or fresh mint.

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies for Summer

Choosing fresh produce in season means better taste, higher nutrition and lower price. With the start of summer, an abundance of fruits and vegetables are now in season and available locally. Look for bell peppers, blueberries, cherries, corn, cucumbers, grapes, melon, peaches, plums, raspberries, strawberries, lettuce/salad greens, summer squash and tomatoes at your local farmers market. Choose a variety of colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables for great health and delicious eats all summer long.

Ask The RD!

Ever wonder what’s the best food to eat after a run or what counts as a balanced breakfast? You can now ask an Emory Healthcare registered dietitian! Submit your general nutrition question to Ask The RD, a new Food & You program. EHC registered dietitians will answer your questions, and the responses will be posted on this website monthly.

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