Better Choices - A Healthy Emory Initiative

Better Choices logoLook for the Better Choices logo on select food items at any Emory dining facility for selections that are nutrient-rich and meet updated dietary guidelines for nutrition. These options reflect a happy balance between sodium, calories, saturated fats, added sugars and fiber or protein -- all while tasting delicious!

Better Choices in the News

The Healthy Emory team welcomed sTomato Festtudents back to school (and celebrated the kick-off of the 2016 Move More Challenge) with a couple of tasting events across the system. Outside Cox Hall and Emory University Hospital, members of the Better Choices team celebrated Georgia tomatoes with a tasting event with recipes celebrating sweet and delicious, garden-grown Tomatoes. While our Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital and Emory Johns Creek Hospital teams whipped up some delicous seafood and salad offerings for their events.

Check out some of the Better Choices recipes below!

Back to School Tip: Build a Better Lunch

With school back in session, the lazy days of summer are rapidly becoming a distant memory. Days are getting shorter and we feel more rushed to grab food and go. It's easy to lose track of your nutrition goals - or sacrifice health for convenience - when you're feeling pressed for time. Doing a little pre-planning can help you stay focused and keep saturated fats, sodium and added sugars from creeping into your diet.

  • The next time you're prepping your lunch sandwich, consider "running it through the garden." This classic diner phrase, which actually means load up on the veggies, is a great way to add vitamins and some healthy color to your lunch. Watch a time-lapse video to see a "Better Choice" sandwich!
  • Make packing lunch fun and properly proportioned by ditching your old-school lunch box for a bento box. These Japanese containers have been around for centuries, created specifically for food on the go. With the small compartments, it's easy to keep to the appropriate portion sizes.
  • Cook in batches. Yes, those premade soups are often low in calorie and convenient, but they are often very high in sodium. Instead, put a soup on in the slow cooker and portion out servings and freeze them at the beginning of the week. Then they're ready to go when you are!
  • Keep snacks and sweets healthy and measured in advance. Snacks don't always have to mean carrots, but do get creative and divvy up the servings at the beginning of the week. For sweets, consider a square or two of dark chocolate with some fruit. Berries are still in season, so you should enjoy them while they last!

Ask The RD!

Ever wonder what’s the best food to eat after a run or what counts as a balanced breakfast? You can now ask an Emory Healthcare registered dietitian! Submit your general nutrition question to Ask The RD, a new Food & You program. EHC registered dietitians will answer your questions, and the responses will be posted on this website monthly.

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