FAQs for the HLC

FAQs for the HLC - General

I cannot log in to the HLC. What should I do?
  • Be sure you are using the correct user ID.  Your HLC user ID is your 7-digit employee ID number (without the two trailing zeros that you use for clocking in.)  Your user ID is NOT your network login.
  • Be sure you are using the correct password.
    New employees hired on or after January 4 will log in using their employee ID as the user ID and then ehc as a temporary password; then will follow the steps 2-6 below to reset their password to their employee ID. Please read below for details.

    HLC Password Change
    Passwords are changing from ehc to your employee ID (note: your user ID and password will now be the same).
    1. Anytime after January 4, log in to the HLC as usual, using your seven-digit employee ID as your user ID and ehc as your password.
    2. You will receive a password change prompt.
    3. Enter ehc as your current password.
    4. Next, enter your seven-digit employee ID number as your new password.
    5. Enter your seven-digit employee number again to confirm the password change.
    6. Click submit.
  • If you are on or have recently been on FMLA, you are inactive in PeopleSoft and therefore inactive in the HLC. When you return to active duty, your employee record must be updated in HR, in PeopleSoft, before the routine uploading of staff date to the HLC occurs.
  • If you still cannot login, notify Organizational Development by sending an email to odls@emoryhealthcare.org or calling 404-712-7167 Monday-Friday during business hours, 7:30a-4:00p.  Leave a message if you are calling after hours.
I am working off-campus and cannot access the VDT in order to get to the HLC.

You can use the direct web address for the HLC:  www.healthstream.com/hlc/ehc

"My course (or curriculum) will not open." or ERROR MESSAGES: "My course will not work." or I get an error message that says, 'Page Not Available.'" or "My videos won't play." or I get a blank screen when I try to open my course (for parts of my course.)"
We recommend that you access the HLC from an Emory Healthcare computer. If you are working on a course from home, your personal computer settings may not support the HLC. Try these suggestions to see if any or all might address your problem:
  • Access the HLC via a direct web address.  (www.healthstream.com/hlc/ehc)
  • Check your system to see if it meets HealthStream’s minimum requirements.  (www.healthstream.com/browsercheck)
  • Turn off your pop-up blockers (Tools, Popup blocker, Turn off.)  A note here ---- Some specialty toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc) may have embedded pop-up blockers.  If you do not know how to turn those off, you may need to delete the toolbar.
  • Make your Internet Explorer browser compatible with older versions.
    • Click the icon beside your address window that looks like a torn piece of paper.
    • Or, choose Tools, Compatibility View Settings, check to see that Healthstream.com is in the window, click Add, Close.
I cannot register for ___ class.

If the Register link is grayed out, then the class may be full.  Click the Class Details link beside the Register link.  It will show the maximum participants and how many are currently registered.

If the class is not full and the Register link is gray, the class instructor has set up the class so that individuals cannot self-register.  You must contact the instructor for information on registration.  To find course contact information check the Course Description or click on the Class Details link to find the instructor's name.

My pre-assessment score is 0. Can you re-set my Pre-Assessment?

No.  The system allows only one attempt for the Pre-Assessment.  If you were interrupted while you were taking your pre-assessment, the system will score the test as zero.  You must complete the online content before the Exam becomes available.

How do I clean up my HLC page? How do I get rid of old courses in my HLC page?

You can un-enroll from any course in your Elective Learning section.  Click the course title that you wish to remove.  Click the Un-enroll link at the top right of the page.  When you un-enroll, you will lose any learning activities that you might have completed, such as, tests and class registrations.  If you attended a class and the course is still on your HLC My Learning page, the class may need to be graded.  Contact the facilitator for your class and ask that the class be graded in the HLC.

Regulatory Curriculum Isues

Do new hires have to complete the current Regulatory Courses Curriculum?

Yes, within 60 days of the employee's hire date.

I do not have the regulatory courses on my HLC My Learning page. What do I do?

Check your HLC My Transcript page to see if you have already completed the courses for this fiscal year.  (Fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31.)  If you have not already completed the courses, send an email to odls@emoryhealthcare.org to request your courses.

If you are looking for dept-specific required courses, e.g., age-appropriate care or moderate sedation, you must click the Catalog tab, find the course and self-enroll.

When I click the course title on my HLC My Learning page, the course will not open.

You must click the Curriculum title first, then click Enroll beside the course title.  The course will then open so that you can do your Pre-Test.

I have already opened my course and failed the Pretest. I did not have time to do the online course. How can I get back to my course?

Click the Curriculum title; then click the course title.  The course will open so that you can access the online content.

"My report does not run. " OR "Nothing happens when I run my report."

Most reports open in a separate window.  Be sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.  (Click Tools, PopUp Blocker, Turn Off PopUp Blocker.)

I cannot save my report in Excel or as a PDF file.

If you accessed the HLC using the usual red oval icon, then the system is taking you out of the VDT.  If your computer does not have a local version of Excel or Adobe Reader, you will not be able to save your reports in those formats.  Access the HLC via a different route:  open the HealthStream folder in your VDT Applications window and click the HLC Administrator Access in VDT icon.  This keeps you in the VDT so that you have access to Excel and Adobe Reader.