What HLC Dept Admins Need to Know


Department administrator rights in the HLC may be extended to leadership (or designees) upon request. These rights include the ability to run course completion reports, view student registrations and transcripts, and enter educational activities that occur either through in-services or outside of EHC. Department administrator rights pertain only to the departments assigned to you in the HLC.

The designation of department administrator rights is a manual process and must be requested. Completion of the course, titled HLC Dept Administrator Role,  is required prior to rights being extended. If you need HLC Dept Admin access, please send a request via e-mail to ODLS@emoryhealthcare.org that includes your name, your job title and the department account numbers for which you need access, and register to attend the HLC Dept Administrator Role course.

User Guide for HLC Department Administrators

The User Guide for HLC Dept Administrators contains instructions for viewing an employee’s HLC record, setting up Course Completion-Schedulable reports and entering Learning Events for education provided outside the HLC. Click the graphics image link on the right or the link below to access this User Guide.

> User Guide for HLC Dept Admins (PDF, 150kb)

Generic Course List

The Generic Course List provides a list of courses in the HLC that you may use when entering Learning Events to capture your department inservices.  These courses identify general topics and specific time frames.  If you do not see a course on this list that meets your needs, please send a request for your specific title to odls@emoryhealthcare.org.  Click on the link below to access this course list.

> Generic Course List (PDF)

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