HLC Forms and Guidelines

Forms Most Frequently Used for the HLC

Here are the most common forms used by EHC staff (HLC Department Administrators, HLC Instructors, and Subject Matter Experts) to request set up, creation, or changes related to courses and classes in the HLC. Please use the appropriate form to provide the information we need to respond to your request.

Guidelines for Development of HLC Tests (PDF)

Instructors and subject matter experts can achieve significant time-saving and reporting benefits by converting paper-based tests to online tests built in the HLC. We have developed a short set of guidelines for to help you evaluate the readiness of any existing test or to develop a new test for HLC delivery. Click on the following link:

Guidelines for Development of HLC Tests - PDF

Script Writing Template for Online Learning

To help you draft content for an online learning activity or course, here is a short template (a Word document you can download and edit) with helpful style and format tips. Click on this link to download:


If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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