What HLC Instructors Need to Know


Instructor administrative rights in the HLC may be extended to employees who regularly teach classes (instructors.) These rights allow instructors to 1) schedule classes, 2) view class registration and waitlist information, 3) mark attendance and 4) run selected reports. Course descriptions (course templates) are initially created by an HLC system administrator (not instructors), but instructors can view those course templates and request updates and revisions.

The designation of instructor rights is a manual process and must be requested. Completion of the HLC Instructor Role course is required prior to rights being extended. If you need instructor access in the HLC, send a request via e-mail to odls@emoryhealthcare.org and register to attend the HLC Instructor Role course.

The User Guide for HLC Instructors contains instructions for scheduling classes, running rosters and marking class attendance. Click the graphics image link on the right or the link below to access this User Guide.

> User Guide for HLC Instructors (PDF, 150kb)

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