Wellness Incentives

Biometric Screening Events in January and February

The biometric screening events, conducted by Summit Health (a third-party vendor), will provide one-on-one coaching, as well as printed materials pertinent to your risks.

  • Screenings are confidential; your individual results will not be shared with Emory Healthcare.
  • The screenings are non-fasting; however, you can fast if you would like.
  • You will need to pre-register for an appointment via the online scheduling tool. The online scheduling tool closes one day prior to each screening. (Note: Please access through Internet Explorer or Firefox.)
  • You can also call 1-877-686-6636 (press 5) to make an appointment.
  • A limited number of walk-ins will be accommodated; however, there is no guarantee you will get screened when you walk in.
  • Please bring your Aetna ID card to the on-site screening event. If you are not enrolled in Emory Healthcare’s medical plan, please bring your EHC ID or your driver’s license.

Types of Incentives

To encourage you to take an active role in your health and wellness, Emory Healthcare will provide financial incentives for healthy behavior. These incentives are available for employees covered on an EHC medical plan.

Whether you select the HSA Plan or the POS Plan, you can lower your overall medical costs by participating in wellness activities. If you enroll in the HSA Plan, your incentives will be a contribution to your HSA. If you enroll in the POS Plan, your incentives will be a credit against your deductible (your deductible will be lowered by the incentive amount). Refer to the chart below for incentive amounts. For more information, contact Aetna member services at 1-800-847-9026.

Incentive 1 - Biometric Screening & Aetna Online Health Assessment

The first incentive involves two components; you must complete both parts to receive this incentive:

  • Part 1 - Biometric Screening – A biometric screening is a health check that measures your cholesterol level, glucose, blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index (BMI). You can receive a biometric screening at a biometric screening event in January or February 2014, as part of your annual preventive care exam through an EPN or Aetna (In-Network) provider, or through Employee Health (employees only).
  • Part 2 - Aetna Online Health Assessment – Log on to Aetna at www.aetna.com and take the online health assessment. To access, click on Take a Health Assessment.

Please note, in 2014, enrolled spouses/SSDPs are eligible for this incentive.

Don't leave your incentive dollars on the table - get screened!

Incentive 2 - Disease Management Program

For the second incentive, you must first be referred to a disease management program. The program provides support and assistance to those with a chronic condition, which helps improve overall health. Diseases can include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. You can be referred to a disease management program by a physician, through another program, through Aetna or you can refer yourself by calling Aetna at 1-866- 269-4500. Once referred, the program involves a series of calls with a disease management nurse, who will discuss your treatment program and care. Upon four completed phone contacts with your nurse, you will qualify for the incentive. Enrolled spouses/SSDPs also can complete the disease management program to earn an additional incentive.

Bonus Offer

Aetna’s Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Aetna offers an additional bonus to Emory Healthcare employees who participate in either plan. Aetna will match you with a wellness coach to help you identify wellness changes you wish to make. Areas of focus may include: weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management, nutrition, physical activity and preventive health. By participating, you can receive up to two $25 corporate reward gift cards upon completion of the third coaching session and a six-month follow-up/ check-in call. For more information, call Aetna’s Lifestyle Coaching at 1-866-213-0153.

Incentive Amounts

Biometric Screening & Aetna Online Health Assessment - $200
Biometric Screening & Aetna Online Health Assessment (Spouse/SSDP) - $100
Disease Management - $100
Disease Management (Spouse/SSDP) - $100

Maximum Incentive - $500