Current and Past Fellows

Please see the below list of past fellows with their fellowship years, name, graduate school, current position and organization.

Kelli Gress; Ohio State University; Administrator, Clinical Operations at Emory Healthcare Radiation Oncology; Emory Healthcare

Danny Lee; University of Michigan; Principal Consultant; Gallup Consulting - Healthcare Practice

Sonal Owings; University of Michigan; Director or Operations; Emory Healthcare

Laura Espy; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Emergency Medicine Resident, Ohio State University Medical Center

Joseph John; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; VP Operations, The Emory Clinic & Assistant Dean Administration, Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Louis Simmons; Ohio State University; Senior Clinical Business Manager & Lead Administrator, Grady Operations; Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emory University

Nonyelum Agu; University of Michigan; Associate Administrator; Alta Hospitals System

Rich Horlacher; University of Colorado; Administrator; Surgery Center of Scottsdale

Nicholl Lewis; Emory University; Regional Practice Administrator; Meridian Health

Raven Carter; Tulane University; Director of Patient & Family Experience at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Josh Hesley; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Manager; Deloitte Consulting LLP

Sheryl Bluestein; Georgia State University; Assistant Director, Infusion Services; Emory Healthcare

Lauren Brummett; Washington University in St. Louis; Senior Manager, Business Development; Emory Transplant Center

Duriel Garner; University of South Carolina; Business Operations Manager, Specialty Care Operations and Strategy; Kaiser Permanente

Shannon Kowall; Georgia State University; Senior Business Development Manager, Emory University Hospital Midtown; Emory Healthcare

Craig Jaffe; Rush University; Project Manager/Team Lead; PerfectServe

Rebecca Migliaccio; University of Florida; Business Manager; RMA of Philadelphia

Cortie Thompson; Medical University of South Carolina; Executive Advisor for Hospital Operations; Medhost

Lauren Ford; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Operations Manager, Patient Flow Center; Emory University Hospital

Caroline Williams; Medical University of South Carolina; Consulting Manager; Elliot Davis

Adam Tribbett; Saint Louis University; Director, Credentialing; Emory Healthcare

Gavin McBrearity; Medical University of South Carolina; Consultant; Subsidium Healthcare

Caitlin Motley Derr; Pennsylvania State University; Operations Manager, Patient Flow Center; Emory University Hospital

Shelley Rosmarin; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Business Analyst- Department of Surgery; UNC Healthcare

Shannon Lauer; University of North Florida; Business Analyst, Project Management Office; Emory Healthcare

Emily Pugh; University of Colorado; Senior Consultant; Subsidium Healthcare

Jessica Tribbett; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Vice President, Operations; ApolloMD

Sara Feistritzer; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Business Manager, Transplant Center; Emory Healthcare

Hannah Henry; Georgia College and State University; Associate Administrator; Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Harry Kuo; Medical University of South Carolina; Business Manager, Department of Emergency Medicine, Beaumont Medical Group; Beaumont Health System 

Natalie McWhorter; The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Business Manager, Brain Health Initiative; Emory Healthcare

Jennifer Goodman; Georgia State University; Senior Manager of Business Operations; Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

Connie Lee; University of Iowa; Manager of Business Operations, Cardiology; Emory Healthcare

Tari Owi; Harvard School of Public Health; Coordinator of Operations and Planning, Brain Health Initiative; Emory Healthcare

Troy Cotton; University of Kentucky; Second Year Fellow - Financial Management Track; Emory Healthcare

Caroline Herion; University of Michigan; Woodruff Fellow; Emory University School of Law

Ameenay Khan; Emory University; Second Year Fellow - Operations & Strategy Track; Emory Healthcare

Hannah Norton; The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Second Year Fellow - Operations & Strategy Track; Emory Healthcare

Joseph Abdallah; Emory University; First Year Fellow - Operations & Strategy Track; Emory Healthcare

Sara Baker; University of Georgia; First Year Fellow - Financial Management Track; Emory Healthcare

Stephen Choate; University of North Florida; First Year Fellow - Operations & Strategy Track; Emory Healthcare

Elizabeth Lukens; The University of Alabama at Birmingham; First Year Fellow - Operations & Strategy Track; Emory Healthcare


Tari Owi, Administrative Fellow 2014
"The EHC fellowship places you directly in the middle of complex organizational strategic planning and operations projects. As a result, you quickly build foundational skills and competencies in healthcare operations as you work side by side with executives, middle management and front-line staff. The opportunity to have meaningful work while being mentored by leaders in the industry leaves us well suited to transition to a business operations role post-fellowship."

Sara Feistritzer, Administrative Fellow 2013
"The fellowship provided me the communication, relationship-building, self-awareness and analytical skillset I needed to place me in a successful role post-fellowship. There is a specific "go-getter" mentality developed in the Emory fellowship program that drives results."

Lauren Ford, Administrative Fellow 2010
"The EHC Administrative Fellowship Program provides a strong foundation for a fulfilling career in the healthcare industry. Each fellow has the opportuntity to work on meaningful and complex projects that will have a lasting impact on patient care. By engaging with executive level leaders, informal mentors, and gaining exposure to a wide array of projects and clinical programs, the program helped define the direction of my career after completion of the fellowship at Emory."

Cortie Thompson, Administrative Fellow 2009
"Each fellow's experience is customized to their interests, strengths, and even weaknesses.  The opportunity to work directly with senior leaders gives each fellow the opportunity to experience diverse leadership styles, manage complex projects, and directly contribute to high-quality patient care throughout Emory Healthcare."

Shannon Kowall, Administrative Fellow 2008
"Emory Healthcare's fellowship program delivers on its promise of developing future leaders.  Each fellow is aligned with an executive mentor and has the opportunity to learn from and work with other EHC leaders on projects and intiatives that have a direct impact on the operation.  I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that is truly patient-centered and focused on improving the quality of patient care and the patient experience."

Nicholl Lewis, Administrative Fellow 2006
"The Emory Healthcare Administrative Fellowship Program has given me access to all the resources necessary to be an effective healthcare leader. The size of the organization along with the array of services covering the continuum of care offer a robust and prolific learning environment. This, coupled with the mentorship of strong leaders, has challenged me and given me assurance of my future success."