Administrative Fellowship Program

The EHC Administrative Fellowship Program is a two-year paid program that provides future healthcare executives with opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding of hospital and clinic based healthcare operations in an academic medical center environment.  Fellows are given the opportunity to take part in hands-on, operationally focused projects and participate in various leadership activities that nurture professional growth.  Furthermore, fellows are exposed to high-level strategic planning and other health system functions, including marketing, human resources, and information technology.

The advantages of participating in the Administrative Fellowship Program are many, however most importantly the fellowship provides:

  • Direct reporting relationship to a Chief Executive Officer, a Vice President of Operations or a member of the senior leadership team who in collaboration with the fellow will develop career and fellowship plans.
  • Opportunities to observe executive leadership at the highest level of the organization throughout the fellowship.
  • Opportunities for developing and enhancing leadership skills in personnel and project management.

"Having a strong and vibrant administrative fellowship is an integral part of the development for all management at Emory Healthcare. Individuals recently coming out of strong graduate programs serve as a catalyst for the organization in terms of asking unbiased questions, challenging past assumptions, and providing high energy levels normally associated with advocates of change.

I personally take the program very seriously and believe we have a moral obligation to make it a strong program for the participants. However, I also believe that we as a large complex health care system are major beneficiaries of having these bright and talented people in our organization and working with them shoulder to shoulder to help run this business."

— John Fox,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Emory Healthcare

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