Below is a list of estimated expenses that an intern may expect in the Atlanta area. Costs will vary with personal preferences and roommate situation (costs could be less with a roommate).

Item Description Cost
Tuition $7,900 (includes $750 deposit)
Rent $700 - $1,200 per month
Utilities $150 - $200 per month
Parking $250 - $500 per year
Meals $300 - $400 per month
Academy Membership $50 per year
GADA Membership $15 (Atlanta district) per year 
Background Check* $30
Drug Screen* $60 - $200

Applicants accepted into the program are required to successfully pass a background check and drug screen prior to starting the program.



Interns must provide their own transportation to facilities. Parking is available at Emory University Hospital and Emory University Midtown Hospital at a reduced rate.  Interns may also park at off-site locations where shuttle service is available into Emory Univeristy Hospital, free of charge.  Shuttles run between Emory University Hospital, Emory University Midtown Hospital, and Wesley Woods Center. Although the hospitals are accessible by public transportation, it is difficult for an intern to get to some rotations without a car. A car is strongly recommended.