Intern Testimonials

"I applied to the internship program at Emory because of the reputation of the hospital. I hoped the standards set for interns would be as high as the award-winning hospital's own. They were; the internship was challenging, exciting, exhausting (at times), rewarding, and a place where I made life-long friends. I learned more during my 10 months at Emory than I thought possible. The structure of the internship allowed me to build on my prior education, while offering a vast support system to ensure quality patient care. The internship helped build my competence as well as my confidence, especially with counseling. Though the internship has a clinical focus, other areas are not lacking. The food service, community, and elective rotations allowed me to experience some of the many careers available in our field. When I completed the internship I had a wonderful sense of accomplishment and knew that I was prepared for not only the registration exam, but also for my future in dietetics." Leah Agnew, 2010

"The Emory Internship program was everything I expected and more. The preceptors were there to guide me throughout the entire program. They were truly passionate about dietetics and equally as passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. I had a job lined up prior to graduating as a nutrition manager and sole dietitian for a facility. During the interview, the regional director of the company informed me that the reason he picked me out of multiple applications was that I was an Emory Internship graduate, so he knew how well prepared I would be. He was right! I was able to function confidently in my environment and have already moved on to a larger facility within the same company. Thank you Emory!" Sarah Caron, 2010

"For me, Emory University Hospitals' Dietetic Internship experience can be summed up in three words: thorough, rigorous, and organized. Every minute of the program is designed to benefit the intern. Emory's director and preceptors have dedicated significant time to designing assignments, projects, and hands on learning experiences that most reflect the real life work environment. To the best of the director's ability, a varied and comprehensive depiction of dietetic practice is structured for the intern. Additionally, one of the aspects I am grateful for is the thorough organization of the nine month program. I knew what to expect and when to expect it; knowing I was getting the most out of the experience. With a great credential, a well respected institution, and life long contacts and friends behind me, Emory has launched me on a successful and fulfilling career path!"
Sarah Strong, 2010

"The opportunity to start one's healthcare career at one of the best teaching hospitals in the nation is an opportunity that is beyond comparison.  With two major metro-area hospitals offering a variety of specialties and a  diverse patient population between them, Emory offers an exceptional clinical nutrition experience.  Further, relationships with other hospitals, clinics, and community organizations throughout the Atlanta area give interns the opportunity to experience the profession from all angles and truly identify their calling in the world of dietetics.  This internship program graduates young men and women who are fully prepared to enter the workforce and who have gained the knowledge, experience, and support to succeed.  I am honored to be one among the many outstanding graduates of Emory Hospitals' dietetic internship program.  I will forever appreciate the guidance I received and cherish the relationships I developed through this program." Shannon Brockman, 2011

 "Out of all the possible outcomes of the DI matching process, I am so thankful that I was matched at Emory! The exposure is extensive, the rotations are intensive, and the staff is unbeatable.  After I completed the program, I was able to pass my exam and get a job within a month.  I emerged with a lengthy list of colleagues (once preceptors) that have offered guidance and encouragement on more than one occasion since graduation.  Our internship group of 8 was the ideal size and we really did become a family over our quick nine months together.  We were able to gain widespread experience through two week rotations in 12 different practice areas and 6 weeks worth of rotations in areas of our interest.  I can confidently say I feel competent to enter any entry level position related to dietetics after the internship at Emory." Rachel Stroud, 2011

"Emory was my first choice for the dietetic internship based on it being highly-rated and affiliated with a top-notch university and teaching hospital.  So when I got matched to the Emory DI, I was super happy!  Everyone I encountered during the internship was phenomenal.  The preceptors were so patient with me as I learned the ropes of cardiology, how to enter clinical notes in the patients' electronic medical records, and how to help those in the community through our off-site rotations, just to name a few of the MANY opportunities I was given over the course of my internship.  I emerged from the internship ready to take on the RD exam (which I passed on the first try!) and then ready to start my own private practice.  I met so many wonderful mentors who showed me the ropes that I had the confidence to follow my dream of being a dietitian nutritionist.  Thank you Emory for an incredible experience!"  Caitlin Russell, 2012

"Before starting the internship, I was aware of Emory's impressive reputation, and I knew that it was a teaching hospital.  However, I didn't fully grasp what  that meant until I was one of Emory's interns.  The preceptors are dedicated not only to the program, but also to each intern.  They constantly encouraged me to engage with other practitioners to gain a more well-rounded view of quality patient care.  The program director, coordinator and preceptors have invested significant time in developing meaningful assignments, so that each intern emerges from the program as the best dietitian he or she can be.  Although the work load was rigorous, Emory's supportive network of dietitians was always there for encouragement and guidance when needed.  I am so grateful to Emory for developing my competence, building my confidence, and preparing me to enter the competitive field of dietetics." Frances Ennis, 2014

"I was compelled to apply to the dietetic internship at Emory because of its reputation as top-rated patient care facility and teaching hospital.  The learning environment at Emory is fast-paced, demanding and rewarding!  From day one of the internship you are immersed in a variety of clinical, community and foodservice experiences and are challenged each day.  I appreciated having an intern class of eight, which allowed for highly personalized feedback from preceptors.  In addition to this, I was able to network with dietetic professionals by participating in community events and lectures on the latest trends and research in nutrition.  As a result, I met my preceptor and chose an elective rotation in school nutrition.  Shortly after graduating, I received an offer for a position in the same district and now work as a nutrition training manager.  Thanks to Emory for giving me the tools and confidence to start a great career!"  Adrienne Holloway, 2014

 "It has been an honor to be an Emory dietetic intern.  The rich, well-rounded experiences gained at Emory will be probably be the most valuable of my entire professional career.  Not only did this internship allow me to follow my passion, it also allowed me to explore areas of nutrition I previously thought were outside my interest zone, such as oncology and renal nutrition.  As soon as I started the program at Emory, I recognized that this was not just an internship that meets ACEND requirements.  This was a program whose director, coordinator and preceptors, go above and beyond to maintain top standards; no wonder the program is so prestigious and well-recognized.  The preceptors were outstanding.  They provided continuous guidance, support, and generously shared their knowledge and experiences, and to that I will always be grateful.  I absolutely loved the uniqueness of Emory's dietetic internship in that it exposed us to many different specialties in nutrition.  In each one of the 14 rotations I completed, there were inspiring moments that helped remind me of why I chose this profession and why my time at Emory was so worthwhile.   In addition, being selected as one of only 8 interns per year had its numerous advantages, including: ability to get to know and learn from other interns' unique experiences, 1:1 supervised practice especially in clinical rotations, not to mention bragging rights for life!  I feel confident that Emory's program did not only help me pass the RDN board exam on the first attempt, it also provided me with personal and professional skills that will enable me to pursue the rest of my professional dreams." Hiba Hamadeh, 2015

"My experience as an Emory Hospitals Dietetic Intern was truly incredible!  The program size was particularly appealing to me and I was continually impressed by the one-on-one instruction we received.  Each and every preceptor was committed to my success and understanding.  Upon graduating I truly felt as if I was well prepared to work as a Registered Dietitian in all areas of dietetics.  From inpatient to outpatient clinical services, to community outreach, corporate wellness, pediatrics, and private practice, Emory granted me the opportunity to explore a vast variety of potential career paths.  Emory not only challenged me, but also affirmed my passion for nutrition!" Cody Jenkins, 2015

"The Emory Dietetic Internship prepared me for a career as a dietitian in ways I could not have possibly anticipated.  My clinical and technical skills were carefully fostered, but my leadership and managerial skills were far from neglected.  I was pushed and encouraged to hold my practices to the highest standard and I know that I came out a stronger, more confident and more competent dietitian because of it.  The one-on-one preceptor to intern ratio was something that I did not know was so unique and incredible about this program until after we had begun.  Only then did I realize how lucky I was to have received such specialized, personal and intentional precepting.  The seven other interns turned out to be some of my closest friends during the internship, and my preceptors became some of the best instructors, most supportive professional colleagues I may ever have.  I will be forever grateful for my time at Emory and to the people there who made it professionally life-changing."  Savannah King Thaler, 2015