Admission Information

Apply early!!

The program begins accepting applications September 1st through Feb 1st, for the Fall class.

Admission to our Medical Laboratory Science program is competitive and limited to eight students per year. Applicants are considered on the basis of overall GPA, science GPA, written essay, references, and a personal interview. However, not all qualified applicants will receive interviews. Early application is encouraged.

Applicants must meet the following minimum admission requirements to be considered for entry into the MLS program:

1. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university
2. 16 semester (24 quarter) hours of credit in chemistry
3. 16 semester (24 quarter) hours of credit in biological sciences
4. Overall GPA 2.75 or better on a 4.0 scale
5. Science GPA 2.75 or better on a 4.0 scale
6. Required Prerequisite Courses (1 semester each)
       a. Organic or Biochemistry
       b. Microbiology
       c. Immunology as a separate course or as part of the Microbiology course
       d. Human Anatomy or Physiology
       e. Statistics or Biostatistics
7. Official transcripts from each college/university attended
8. Acknowledgement of Essential Functions (see application packet)


  • The content of the chemistry and biological science courses must be considered applicable toward a degree in those fields or in clinical laboratory science/medical technology.
  • At least 1 chemistry, 1 biology, and 1 microbiology course must have been completed within the last seven years.


Foreign requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit official TOEFL scores. Minimum scores of 80 (iBT internet based; with minimum of 18 in each section)or 213 (computer based) are required for consideration. Enter code number 1548 as the institution score recipient for Emory Healthcare Medical Laboratory Science Program.

Transcripts from foreign colleges/universities must first be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service and sent to the MLS program. List science courses individually with accompanying grade, as well as, an overall GPA. Use approved evaluators listed on Web site.

Additional requirements

Complete essay/narrative
Write a 200- to 300-word essay, stating your understanding of the Medical Laboratory Science field and explaining why you want to enter the field of Medical Laboratory Science. Discuss your related qualifications, academic objectives and career plans.

Have three Admission Reference Forms sent. References must be from non-family members that can speak to your qualifications. References must be from either science professors or current/former employers.

Official transcripts from each college/university attended must be sent directly to Emory Healthcare Medical Laboratory Science Program, Attention: Program Director