Faculty and Primary Staff

Emory’s experienced pathology faculty has impressive credentials:

Clinical Chemistry: James C. Ritchie, PhD

Coagulation/Hemostasis: Alexander Duncan, MD

Cytogenetics: Debra Saxe, PhD

Cytopathology: Momin T. Siddiqui, MD, FIAC

Flow Cytometry: Shiyong Li, MD, PhD

Hemopathology/Hematology: David L. Jaye, MD 

HLA and Transplantation:
Robert A. Bray, PhD, Howard M. Gebel, PhD

Immunology: Ifor Williams, MD, PhD, Jeannette Guarner, MD

Laboratory Information Systems: Alexis Carter, MD

Microbiology: Eileen Burd, PhD

Molecular Diagnostics & Microbiology: Colleen S. Kraft, MD

Molecular Pathology: Charles E. Hill, MD

Quality control/Lab Equipment/Lab Math: David D. Koch, PhD

Transfusion Medicine: John Roback, MD, PhD

Primary Didactic Instructors: Laboratory Staff

Introduction to Medical Technology and Special Topics: Program Director

Blood Bank: Louisa Thompson and Sue Scofield

Coagulation/ Hemostasis: Ann Ingle and Cindy Alexander

Hematology/Chemistry/Urinalysis: Maureen Clancy

Immunology: Hassan Bilal and Melanie Sherman

Microbiology: Cassandra Street

Phlebotomy: Cheri Curtis

Point of Care Testing: Crystal Evans and Maureen Lindsey