Become an Emory Healthcare talent scout!


Attention current employees!

Emory Healthcare is scouting out some outstanding stars to join Team EHC, and we need your help! As a valued EHC employee, you are a great resource in identifying stellar candidates and letting them know how exciting it is to be a part of Team EHC.

To reward you for your assistance, you may be eligible for our Employee Referral Program. Through Friday, March 22, referral bonuses will be offered for the active referral of a job candidate for select positions. The positions eligible for the referral bonus are listed on the right.

Thanks for helping us discover some new EHC stars!

Program details

Eligible employees

Know a health care star? Follow these easy steps to refer him/her to a position

Program details:

  • The referral must be made and the candidate’s application must be submitted between January 25, 2013, and March 22, 2013, to be eligible for the bonus.
  • A referral bonus of $2,000 (before applicable taxes) will be offered for the active referral of a job candidate who is hired in one of the eligible positions and remains in the position for a minimum of six months.
  • The referral bonus is payable in two increments of $1,000 (before applicable taxes) at three months and six months with documented acceptable performance from the hiring manager.
  • The referral must be made through the Employee Referral Gateway in order for the employee to be eligible for the bonus. Steps on using the Gateway are outlined below.
  • Employees are eligible for multiple referrals.
  • Emory Healthcare reserves the right to amend, interpret, terminate or suspend this program at any time.

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Eligible employees:

  • All regular, full-time and part-time employees of Emory Healthcare and Emory University, as well as physicians, may participate in this special Employee Referral Program. This includes PRN employees, leaders, managers and supervisor job categories.
  • Both individuals must be employed by Emory Healthcare at the time of the two bonus payouts.
  • A hiring official is eligible to receive the bonus payment for referring a candidate in their area of responsibility, as long as the new hire is not a direct report.
  • Emory Healthcare and Emory University Human Resources staff, senior and executive leaders, and participants in the interview process of the hire are not eligible to receive a referral bonus.
  • Contract temporary agency staff (except travel nurses) and student employees are not eligible to be referred in the program. If a current eligible employee refers a traveler nurse for hire, the employee would be eligible to participate.

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Know a health care star? Follow these easy steps:

1. Access the Employee Referral Gateway.

2. Select “Search Openings.”

3. Narrow your search using the dropdown menus, or select “All” for each category to pull up the complete list of referral opportunities.

4. Click "Search" to view the job opportunities.

5. Select the position you would like to refer someone to.

6. Click on “Send to Friend.”

7. If you already have an account, enter your account information. If you do not have an account, select “Click here to create a login.”

8. Fill in your information and the candidate’s information. You can directly upload the candidate’s resume if you have a copy of it.

By submitting a referral using this method, the candidate will be automatically linked to the requisition to apply directly to the job, and your referral will then be attached to that candidate for that position throughout the application process.

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Positions eligible for a referral bonus

- Case Manager, Hospital Med
- Charge Nurse, EJC
- Clin Nurse Spec, Specialty
- Clin Transplant Coordinator
- Clinical Nurse I
- Clinical Nurse I, WEO
- Coord, Infection Control
- Coord, Transplant
- Coord, Ventricular Asst Device
- Dir, Womens Svcs, EJC
- Mgr, Cardiology Svcs
- Nurse Clinician
- Nurse Clinician - ERN
- Nurse Clinician Infusion Centers Winship
- Nurse Clinician, WEO
- Nurse Practitioner, Transition
- Nurse, WOC
- RUN Nurse
- Shift Nurse Manager
- Shift Nurse Manager, WEO
- Specialty Dir, Womens Hlth Srv
- Staff Nurse, EJC
- Unit Director
- Unit Nurse Educator