A Tribute to Our Nurses

In honor of our nurses, three of our Emory Healthcare patient family advisors shared their thoughts on our nursing team. View their video and read their quotes below. 




"Our Emory Healthcare nurses, we wanted to take the time to express to you a heartfelt 'thank you.' You are and will always be a part of us. As we go through this journey of life, we are so grateful that you are there to see us through. We appreciate all that you do!"

Cornishia, Emory Healthcare Patient Family Advisor



"We honor the work and dedication of our Emory Healthcare nurses. You have meant so much to us and to our families throughout our journeys. Your unconditional caring and concern have touched our lives and carried us through our darkest hours."

Joe, Emory Healthcare Patient Family Advisor





"Thank you to our Emory Healthcare nurses for your commitment to your profession. You're the ones we rely on, the ones we trust. You're the best, the strongest, the most compassionate, the most devoted and the most committed to those you care for." 

Beth, Emory Healthcare Patient Family Advisor