Emory Healthcare Professional Lattice for Advancement in Nursing

The Professional Lattice for Advancement in Nursing (PLAN) promotes and rewards professionalism and clinical expertise as the foundations of a robust nursing organization, one that values the contributions of every nurse in the delivery of patient- and family-centered care. As an academic, learning organization, Emory Healthcare embraces new graduate nurses as well as experienced nurses.

The PLAN differentiates expected levels of clinical expertise, education and professional practice, and identifies the unique contributions expected at each level. The PLAN is unique in that it includes three tracts for nursing advancement: clinical, education and management.

Through this exciting program, Emory Healthcare nurses:

  • Evaluate and improve their own practice
  • Identify professional development and growth opportunities
  • Obtain recognition for the level of practice they have achieved

The lattice framework, as opposed to a traditional ladder, facilitates fluid movement across a broad spectrum of career opportunities ideal for different times in a nurse's career.